Simple to sexy in a snap : Chiffon saree!

Beautiful to touch, see and weardespite being merely a plain-woven silk fabric which is transparent and lightweight, a chiffon saree ticks all these boxes. While pure chiffon is always made of silk, the more affordable versions are nylon or polyester blends. Whatever quality you get, you can be sure to bag all its attributes that make us obsessed with it. If you haven’t worn a this fabric in a saree ever, we’re here with our top 3 reasons why you need to shop a chiffon saree online right away…

That romantic look!

Admit it: we’re all guilty of dreaming about running about in the fields of Switzerland with the pallu of our chiffon saree swaying in the air, a standard set by Bollywood celebrities such as Kajol, Sridevi, Rekha, Madhuri and the like, who we’ve grown up seeing and admiring! The softness, sheerness, the fluid drape and perhaps the comfort with which these maidens flaunted a chiffon saree oozed romance and legit had all the mushy vibes. If you’re thinking of date nights, anniversary dinners or even engagements, then chiffon saree can be the perfect sartorial choice.

That figure-hugging factor!

The rule is quite simple: Fabrics with drape fall gracefully to the floor adding very little volume to your body. Such fabrics follow your body lines and contours closely, especially for an outfit with tucks, pleats or gathers. This is why a chiffon saree addresses one major concern of all you saree lovers out there: looking slender in a saree. The softness of the fabric allows for a beautiful, body-fit drape which not only makes it a flattering saree choice but even if there are some flabs here are there, a solid or printed chiffon saree covers them up gracefully.

That playfulness and versatility of fabric!

Turn your style statement from elegant to sexy in no time and this holds true for their drape, styling and surface texture. Case in point: a red chiffon saree. Don it with some gajras, jhumkay, a low hair bun and you are set for a mehndi or dholki. Wear it with a blazer and red lips and you’re ready for your date night. Spread the pallu over the arms to get a nod of approval from the aunties” at a family dinner or give it a roll around your neck and throw it over your shoulder and wow your stylish friends on a girl’s night out. A printed red chiffon saree is statement piece while a solid one stands the test of time. A chiffon saree is THAT spell-binding, versatile and quite literally, a breeze to walk in!

Great for you, Saareeka offers a wide range of elegant chiffon saarees online so don’t be afraid to let that pallu do a little dance in the air as you effortlessly carry one!