Why Saareeka?

Saareeka became Pakistan’s first very own local Saari brand, offering the garment at large to Pakistani women who hold the same love for it.

With Saareeka we aim to bring back the tradition of our Naanis and Dadis , bridging the gap for affordable Saari wear in Pakistan. Saarees for daily wear, everywhere. Each article is manufactured here in Pakistan by our hard working local artisans, goes through a fair pricing chain, holds a story & has lots of love poured into it. Whether its your afternoon tea, a friend’s wedding or any occasion (or without occasion?) Our saarees are versatile, reliable & pocket friendly.

Saareeka is not just a brand. It is a community; a community of people who wish to revive tradition and empower local artisans, & since we believe in giving back to the community; 5% of our profits are donated to charity each month. It is a safe space for everyone, a hub of inclusivity and a source of earning for our artisans.